Mod Marketing and Events LLC
How We Work
 Jill and her team have consistently done excellent work. Just as critical, they have been great in coaching the start-ups on what makes sense for the objectives and budget they have. -- Michael-Buehler Garcia, Director, Mentor Graphics

Mod’s vision is to clearly and consistently develop and execute winning marketing strategies that deliver results to our clients. We believe in the power of an integrated communications strategy, combining traditional marketing and public relations methods with social media to help clients reach their targeted audience and attain maximum awareness of their company.

Core Values

  1. Innovation is our lifeblood.
    Founded in the spirit of innovation in 2000, Mod continues to strive creatively and technologically to push our company and craft in new directions. We welcome new ideas and innovative ways of approaching business.

  2. Creativity is our passion.
    Mod is passionate about developing creative marketing programs that deliver results. We are continually exploring new media and marketing opportunities that may benefit our clients, and enjoy the challenge of bringing our client’s ideas to life.

  3. Personal client service is a requirement.
    Each of our team works directly with clients to develop strategies and implement programs. We honor our client relationships, and diligently work to maintain them through open communication and timely execution.

  4. We deliver results. Period.
    We are driven by results. Mod is a highly skilled team, experienced in helping companies succeed. We focus on real, measurable goals, working with clients to establish a vision for success – from start to finish.

  5. Integrity will never be compromised.
    The Mod team has worked in all facets of marketing on both sides of the table – as an agent and inside communications liaison for corporations. As such, we hold the care of our clients with utmost respect. We value the confidence our clients entrust in us, and their faith in us to act as a professional extension of their organization.


Setting the Strategy

The Mod experience starts and ends with our clients. We partner with our clients at the start of a project to define key objectives and set measurable goals – goals that add to our client’s bottom line and position them as market leaders. And we create a strategic plan including timeline and key milestones to help realize business objectives – on time and on budget.

Execution is Our Strength

Mod knows that behind every great plan, there must be the execution to follow through on all details. We take pride in our ability to put great ideas into action and create marketing programs that transform our client’s vision to reality. With our experience and strong relationships with key influencers and network of partners, we work with your organization to become an integral part of the team. We keep the big picture clearly in site: client satisfaction is the foundation of our success.

Client Satisfaction is Key

Our goal is two-fold: help companies generate awareness, build credibility and strengthen sales; make working with us a rewarding and positive experience the first time and every time.